Aged Care At Matamata Country Lodge

Matamata Country Lodge offers a total care concept with a wide range of accommodation available, from 20 two bedroom Chalets, Assisted Living Apartments, Rest Home or Hospital Level Care, Day Care and Respite Care. Additionally, Diversional Therapy staff offer a comprehensive range of activities including day trips.

Our facilities have developed to allow our Residents to enjoy a holistic approach to retirement. Please see below to find out more on the Specialist Care & Facilities available at The Country Lodge. You are also welcome to contact us to have a discussion with our friendly staff, order an information pack or organise a visit through our facilities.

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Day Care

Come and spend the day with us.-

Currently we do not have a regular / set Day Care programme operating at Matamata Country Lodge however we often invite people to come and spend week days with us. We can pick you up and drop you off depending on how far you are from Matamata Country Lodge. People will be able to participate in our activities programme and enjoy our lovely home cooked meals. All meat is sourced form a local butchery and fruit and vegetables are from a local supplier.

At the Lodge we also offer long or short term Respite Care (see more below).  You may qualify for a subsidy for Day Care and/or Respite Care, you can discuss this with your Doctor or one of the many other community support services.


If you need a break from your daily routine or some extra assistance with all the comforts of home and 24 hour nursing care.  All meals are provided for Respite Residents.  You may qualify for a subsidy for Respite Care and/or Day Care, which you can discuss this with us, your Doctor, or one of the many other community support services.

Diversional Therapy

We employ qualified Diversional Therapists to oversee our activities programme.  There are designated Activities Staff in each facility to help make each day more exciting. Click here for more information.


If you or a loved one have sustained an injury and require rehabilitation we are able to help with this.  We will do all we can to help Resident’s return to as fuller function as possible and live as independently as possible.

The Rehab Process:

If you or your family member has an injury and requires care they will receive a needs assessment from the Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination (NASC).  The needs assessment will identify if they have low, medium or high needs and what level of support or funding they require.

We work closely with services such as NASC, ACC and the Ministry of Health ensuring you or your family member receives the support they require.  Their situation will be regularly reviewed in case their needs change, and we encourage families to be involved as much as possible in this process.  We realise that everyone’s situation is different which is why we tailor the support we give to suit the individual.  We create an individual plan which includes aspects like interests, culture, values, likes, dislikes and goals.  This will help us to identify suitable support programmes to their specific likes and needs.

Getting Started With Retirement Care

Taking the first step with Retirement Care is straightforward. The process starts with a Needs Assessment from Disability Support Link (DSL).

Disability Support Link (DSL) is a community-based organisation that provides a needs assessment and service coordination service for people with disabilities. It does not provide support services itself – it carries out a comprehensive assessment to determine the person’s support needs, and then identifies suitable support services, arranges them, and reviews if the arrangement is working for the client

Disability Support Link assists in obtaining home support services for people with disabilities in the Waikato, King Country, Thames Valley and Coromandel Peninsula, and may include:

  • Household assistance
  • Personal care
  • Day programmes (non-therapeutic)
  • Carer support
  • Residential care and support
  • Referrals to other support services

Disability Support Link Contact Information

To contact find out more about the Disability Support Link service and/or contact them directly please visit their website. Additionally, please refer to their contact details below:

DSL Reception: (07) 839 1441
Freephone:  0800 55 33 99

Referral information

The client or caregiver’s consent must be obtained prior to making a referral. Referrals can be made by clients, by their family/whanau members, GPs, a health professional, disability support groups and organisations or a friend.

Find Out More

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At any stage, if you would like to order an information pack or book a visit please contact our friendly staff.