Activities & Diversional Therapy

Our qualified Diversional Therapists oversee our Activities Programme. There are designated Activities Staff to help make each day more exciting.

A number of activities run on a weekly basis, with the more popular being run several times a week.  These include; housie, bowls, quizzes, word games and happy hour.  On a weekly basis we have regular people who come to play the piano and/or sing for the Residents; we also have a range of schools, cultural groups and bands that visit us multiple times throughout the year.

Residents interested in going for an outing in the company vans usually have the opportunity to do this each week.  Most of these outings are for a drive around the community and result in stopping somewhere for an ice-cream.  Our activities staff are always planning and organising places to visit.  Some of these places include local cafes and tourist attractions.

We understand that some Residents may not be up to participating in some of the activities. In order to help include everyone who is interested, our activities staff set aside time to go and visit these Residents in their rooms and where possible activities are tailored to suit individual needs.  Resident’s and their Families are encouraged to be part of the planning process by providing details of each Resident’s interests.  Diversional Therapy Staff are keen to maintain, extend and accommodate your interests to the best of their ability.  New ideas are always welcome.

Other Services Available To Residents

Matamata Country Lodge offers a wide range services to residents – we have listed a few examples below (please click the links to expand for more formation). For further information, please contact us to have a discussion with our friendly staff, order an information pack or organise a visit through our facilities.

Medical Alarms

Matamata Coutnry Lodge offers independent unit owners the use of a Tunstall Alarm at no cost.  Residents are able to use other types of alarms either individually or in conjunction with the Tunstall alarm system.

The Tunstall Alarm is designed to allow people with special needs to maintain their independence by assisting them to live in their own home.  When the Tunstall Caresse is activated, it dials the 24 hour response centre putting the user in contact with a telecare consultant, who will aid the client by assessing the situation and will contact the necessary parties to assist.

Each Resident who elects to be under the Tunstall system will be supplied with a gem radio trigger that can be worn on their wrist, belt or around their neck.  This will allow them to activate the alarm from anywhere in their house without having to struggle to get to a phone. Once the alarm is raised, the user can speak hands free with the telecare  consultant who will summon the appropriate help.  The response centre is manned 24 hours and ensures every emergency call activated on the Tunstall Caresse will be answered, providing peace of mind to the users family.  It allows the user to maintain their independence and confidence in the home.


The Country Lodge has a  designated person for taking Residents to appointments and assisting where necessary. This is part of their Rest Home/Hospital care and they are not charged for it. Village Residents will be charged a small fee should they require a staff member to take them to an appointment.

Library Service

We offer a great selection of books in our library which are updated on a regular basis.

Gardens / Gardeners

We offer beautiful gardens for our Residents to enjoy.  Unit Residents can choose to look after their gardens, or our Gardeners can do it for them at no cost.  Our gardeners are also happy to work alongside Residents and help them with their gardens, a suitable time will need to be arranged with our gardeners.

WIFI / Kiosk (Wireless Internet)

WIFI can be purchased from the main reception.